Solar Energy System 5kw Off-grid

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1. 5kW off-grid solar power system consisting of
6 x 550W photovoltaic panels.
5kW wall-mounted lithium batteries.
5kW off-grid solar inverter with solar charger controller.
2. Protects the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
3. It can be used for home life to easily meet daily needs and can support a variety of household appliances.
4. No need to connect to the grid, energy is generated entirely by the solar panels.
5. Superior quality, we can help you configure your solar system to suit your needs.

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1. 5kW off-grid solar power system needs to be equipped with six pieces of 550W photovoltaic panels, 5 kW wall-mounted lithium batteries, and the 5 kW off-grid solar inverter with charger controller .
2. Workflow: The solar panels are mounted in a solar array containing several solar cells that can generate DC power from sunlight. Once the power is generated, the solar charge controller manages and transfers the power to the battery. The batteries are then connected to the solar inverter that converts the DC power into AC power to power household appliances.
3.This 5 kW off-grid solar power system can be used for home living, daily needs can be easily achieved, and can support various household appliances such as computers, TV, water dispensers, water pump, etc.
4. This solar system does not need to be connected to the utility grid. In an off-grid system, the energy is generated entirely by solar panels, which can provide all of the electricity needs, which is especially useful in remote areas or areas where the grid is unstable, such as off-grid sheds, homes, ranches, campgrounds, or communities.
5. Our solar systems achieve protection of the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, because it is a clean, renewable energy source that does not produce harmful pollutants that contribute to climate change.
6. Our team will consider all aspects of your needs, including your energy use patterns, location, and budget, to help configure a solar system that is right for you, whether it is for residential or commercial use.
7. SUNRUNE solar systems are of the highest quality, carefully crafted to meet your specific needs, and equipped with the latest technology to ensure optimal performance. Let us help you configure your solar system and take the first step toward a more sustainable future for you and the planet.

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5KW Off-grid Solar Energy System Collocation Scheme
Item Model warranty Description

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1 5KW wall-mounted LiFePO4 battery 3years Voltage:51.2 V
501*452*155±3mm/52kg 1 piece
2 Off-grid Pure Sine Wave 5KW Inverter

3years Rated Power: 5KW;
With Built-in Charger controller
540*295*140mm 13.5kg 1 piece
3 Solar Panels

25 years 550W (Mono)
Number of Solar Cells: 144(182*182mm)
2279*1134*35mm 28kg 6 pieces
4 Cables

/ DC 1500V
Rated current: 58A
Conductor resistance at 20°C: 3.39Ω /km
Chip thickness: 2.5mm
/ 100m
5 Tools

/ Cable Cutter; Stripper,MC4
Crimper,MC4Assembly &Disassembly Tool
/ 1 piece
6 Mounting System

/ Solar Panel Mounting Rack
wind load:55m/s
snow load:1.5kn/m2

These are the basic configurations,if you have more detailed installation requirements, please contact our sales representative.

1 set

Kindly Reminder: The Above System Configuration For Initial Designing, The System Configuration Are Subject to Changing Depends on Your Final Installation Conditions and Requirements.
Daily power generation/storage Support Loads(one day)
Power generation 16.5 degrees 55 Inch LED TV
925W 8hours
Air Purifier
137.5W 5hours
Battery storage capacity 5.12 degrees Deskcenter Computer 2200W 8Hours Rice Cooker 2000W 4hours

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