Solar Energy System 5kw on-grid

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1. 5kW grid tied solar system: 10 x 550W photovoltaic panels; one 5kW grid connected solar inverter with controller.
2. Solar energy can still be used continuously in the event of a power failure.
3. Can be used for home life and support various household appliances.
4. Allows management of time-of-use tariffs to maximise savings on solar electricity bills
5. Can be connected to solar panels on the local utility’s grid, balancing energy production and consumption
6. Draws power from the grid, uses solar energy to power a home or business, and sends excess power back to the grid to offset electricity bills.

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1. The 5kW on-grid solar Energy system require 10 pieces of 550W PV panels and a 5kW grid-tied solar inverter with controller.
2. The 5kW on-grid solar Energy system can connect to solar panels on the local utility company's grid, which allows the homeowner to balance electricity production and energy consumption and receive power from the grid, so the solar energy is used to power the home or business and any excess energy is sent back to the grid to offset the electricity bill.
3. SUNRUNE 5kw on-grid solar Energy system is an affordable option for homeowners who want to offset their electric bills and gain access to solar energy, and they have a shorter payback period than other solar systems, with most systems paying for themselves in 5-10 years.
4. 5kw on-grid solar Energy system also help store the energy from the solar panels during peak sunlight hours so that when the power goes out, the solar energy is still available for continuous use.
5. The SUNRUNE 5kW on-grid solar power system can be used for home living and can easily fulfill some daily needs by supporting various household appliances such as rice cookers, computers, TV, kettle, washing machine, etc.
6. Our team will take a holistic view of your needs, including your energy usage patterns, location, and budget, to help you configure a solar system that is suitable for residential or commercial use.
7. A on-grid solar system allows you to lock in low energy rates for years to come, insulating you from future rate increases. It also allows you to manage time-of-use electricity rates to maximize savings on your solar power bill.

Product Paraments

5KW on-grid Solar Energy System Collocation Scheme
Item Model warranty Description Package Details Quantity
1 On-grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter 3years Rated Power: 5KW;
With Built-in Charger Controller & WIFI
440*830*190mm 42kg

1 piece

2 Solar Panels 25 years 550W (Mono)
Number of Solar Cells: 144(182*182mm)
2279*1134*35mm 28kg 10 pieces
3 Cables / DC 1500V
Rated current: 58A
Conductor resistance at 20°C: 3.39Ω /km
Chip thickness: 4mm
/ 100m
4 Tools / Cable Cutter; Stripper,MC4
Crimper, MC4 Assembly &Disassembly Tool
/ 1 piece
Daily power generation/storage Support Loads
Power generation 27.5 degrees 46 Inch LED TV 650W 10hours Air Purifier 110W 4hours
/ Deskcenter Computer 2750W 10hours Washing Machine 1500W 3 hours

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